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Watch What This Cop Does After Mexican Illegal Pulls A Gun On Him
By Faith Braverman|April 18, 2017

In Trump’s America, illegal immigrants are finally beginning to suffer the consequences of repeatedly violating our nation’s laws.

One illegal immigrant from Mexico found this out the hard way during a recent encounter with a police officer.

Nicolas Sanchez, 39, not only broke immigration laws when he came into America illegally. He also robbed a convenience store at gunpoint, but later told a police officer who confronted him that he didn’t “have nothing.”

From Joe For America:

The video shows the police officer telling the Mexican man not to reach for the gun and the man proceeding to run away. The two began to fight and eventually the police officer grabbed his gun and shot the man. Sanchez died on the scene of the crime. While the loss of any life is nothing to celebrate the man clearly had it coming.

When you commit a crime, run from the police, harbor a weapon, refuse to tell law enforcement officials about it and then grab the gun this is what happens. Our streets are being overrun with illegal immigrants who take no issue with flagrantly breaking the law.

It’s surprising that liberals haven’t set up a candlelight vigil and a GoFundMe page for the deceased criminal.

Illegal immigrants like Sanchez shatter the liberal narrative that every illegal is an innocent angel that only wants to come here to contribute to society, not threaten it with gun violence.

If the Democrats are ever going to change their stance, it’s up to the right to keep shoving proof like this in their faces. Conservatives must force liberals to acknowledge that many illegals are bringing crime with them when they cross the border.

As harsh and unpleasant as these facts are for them to hear, it’s even more harsh and unpleasant for the families of Americans slain by people like Sanchez who have no respect for the law.

Source: Joe For America

Faith Braverman
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