WOW: Watergate Timeline Reveals DAMNING Truth About ‘Russiagate’…Liberals Are SPEECHLESS!

It’s shocking to think the depths the mainstream media will go to destroy our president.

After eight years of treating Barack Obama with kid gloves, ignoring actual violations to our laws and way of life, the media is now turning over every stone to discredit and undermine our lawfully elected president.

It’s almost hard to believe how dishonest and biased the mainstream media is. For years we’ve known they’ve had a liberal slant; that was very clear during the Bush administration. But today they forgo any pretense of impartiality to invent stories about President Trump and his people, in the hopes of ruining his time in office.

Is it any wonder why President Trump and many others call them “fake news”? What other title can you give them? Even when they report on facts, they find ways of distorting the narrative.

This is especially apparent in the so-called Russian hacking scandal. Since the election the media–with help from corrupt democrats–have been pushing the idea that Russia helped undermine our election in order to get Trump election.

Of course there has been zero evidence proving this, as well as no real motive for either Russia or Trump to work together.

But has that stopped the media? Of course not! Why should something like truth get in the way of their agenda?

From Daily Wire:

We are now deep into the sixth month of RussiaGate, six months into the national media’s hysterical frenzy to try and connect President Trump, or any member of his circle, to any kind of wrongdoing with respect to the Russians. And after a full half-year, the media has come up with exactly BUPKIS…

Oh, sure, we’ve seen plenty of media innuendo, all kinds of Fake News, an ever-growing pile of smears, and an unlimited number of overwrought headlines… But no evidence. None. Zip Zero. Nada. And deep below most of those overwrought headlines, in order to protect themselves, the dishonest media oftentimes buries something like the following under 14 paragraphs, “Sources stress there is no evidence of any wrongdoing between the Trump camp and the Russians…”

Is my memory off, or wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that the media was comparing the nothingburger that is RussiaGate to a legitimate scandal called Watergate? Why yes! — yes, it was just a few weeks ago that the media was making that comparison.  So why don’t we go ahead and actually do that; make the comparison, I mean.

The article goes on to compare the timelines of Watergate–the real scandal where President Nixon used his influence to spy on political rivals–and the invented scandal of Russia “hacking” our election.

After only two weeks in 1972, a single newspaper (the Washington Post) was able to blow the scandal wide open.  In six weeks, they connected the scandal to Nixon himself. By six months, it was all over.

In comparison, it has been six months of the entire mainstream media harping on Trump, but they’ve yet to find anything factual.

Are modern journalists simply that incompetent? Their predecessors in 1972 didn’t have cable news, the Internet, smartphones, or satellite communications. Yet they were able to do their job. Instead all the mainstream media has been able to do is spread rumors, speculation, and outright lies to order to smear President Trump.

Wanna know what the BIG NEWS is today regarding RussiaGate?

1) FBI Russia Probe Failed To Find Evidence Against Trump

2) Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta, “failed to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) when he agreed to represent Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank.”

So once again the left is guilty of the very thing they accuse conservatives of. There was never any ties between President Trump and Russia. However, there were multiple real connections between Hillary Clinton and her people to Russian banks and leaders.

But sure, Trump was working with Putin!

Source: Daily Wire

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