WHOA! Media Dead Wrong About Trump…HERE Is The 1 Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

One of the biggest hits on Donald Trump has been that his supporters tend to be less educated, less successful and more rural than the average American.

The claim is that he can’t attract better educated, wealthy and suburban voters that are necessary for any Republican to win the White House.

This week Trump blew up that narrative with the sweeping breathe of his east coast victories that brought in supporters of every race, demographic and income group.

Reuters has the wildly under-reported story…

Wealthy, well-educated voters helped carry Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump to victory in this week’s East Coast primaries, a demographic the famously blunt-spoken billionaire had struggled to attract in the past.

His sweep of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island on Tuesday included wins in some of the richest and best-educated counties in the country.

If Trump is winning over THESE voters, then the Democrats could be facing an electoral landslide like they haven’t seen since Reagan crushed Mondale in 1984!


Source: Reuters

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