BREAKING: Here’s What Clinton Donors Got…SHOCKING Corruption EXPOSED!

We’ve seen how nepotism works in our personal lives, but seeing how it works in the public sphere is a whole new ball game.

Modern politics, it seems, is all about favors. Well, there must be a whole lot of reciprocal back scratching going on by the looks of it.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have rewarded their foundation and campaign donors with political appointments compensatory with the size of their donations.

Is this a shocker?

Not really, since according to The Examiner: “presidents and cabinet secretaries from both parties have long rewarded friends and contributors with high-level appointments,”

However, The Examiner also said:

“this news will not mix well with questions swirling around “pay for play” access given to Clinton Foundation donors by the former Secretary of State.

Many of these appointments were given to people who were unqualified for those positions. One such example was the appointment of Rajiv Fernando.

As the article from The Examiner explains:

The Examiner mentions the already well-documented story of Rajiv Fernando, a Chicago businessman with no security qualifications who was nevertheless appointed to the International Security Advisory Board at Hillary Clinton’s insistence – according to emails uncovered by Citizens United –  giving him top-secret security clearance.

Fernando, who donated $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and bundled $100,000 in donations for Clinton’s 2008 presidential run, resigned from the board after ABC News began asking pointed questions about his appointment.

The article went on to say:

Matthew Whitaker of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust told the Examiner these appointments were “consistent with all of the other disturbing cases where Clinton Foundation and political donors received special access and treatment.”

“It would be highly unethical to not only give donors special access to the State Department, but actually give them a board position based upon their donor status,” he added.

Being unethical seems to be the hallmark of the Clinton family legacy dating all the way back to Hillary’s days as a Watergate investigator. A leopard can never changes it’s spots, as they say, and neither can Hillary avoid being unethical. What we would like to see change in American politics is more honesty from our leaders and that is something Hillary just cannot provide.

Source: Breitbart

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