What Ted Cruz Just Said About Trump Supporters Will Make You FURIOUS…His DESPERATE Attack

Although Sen. Ted Cruz is far from reaching the required delegates to win the GOP nomination, he still attests that he can achieve victory.

This will be through a contested Republican convention, where delegates will be free to cast any vote they choose.

The Texas senator is banking on support from a second vote, citing that Trump supports are helping Hillary Clinton become president.

According to Breitbart:

During a radio interview for a Philadelphia morning show, Cruz predicted with certainty that the Republican Party is “headed to a contested convention.” He suggests Trump supporters “might as well put a Hillary sticker on your car.”

The quotes were echoed by Patrick Svitek via Twitter, most notably:

So what do you think?

Are Trump supporters handing the election over to Hillary?

How do you feel about a GOP candidate taking shots at fellow Republicans?

Source: Breitbart

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