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WHOA! What The Democrats Just Voted For Is HORRIBLE…Proves We Need Donald Trump ASAP!
By Adam Casalino|July 11, 2016

In light of all the bloodshed and violence going on in our country, you’d think that our leaders in Washington would be doing something about it. You’d think they’d put aside partisan politics and agendas and move forward with sensible laws that protect American lives.

But let’s get honest, we live in the real world. Progress won’t happen when there’s liberal policies to push. After the massacre in Orlando, Democrats made a pathetic show in DC to protest Republicans. Their sit-in prevented Congress from operating for days.

Now we know about another move by Obama and his liberal cronies from passing legislation that would punish illegals would commit violent crime against Americans. A common sense approach to protecting citizens was thwarted, thanks to the crooked and broken agenda of the left.

From Allen B West:

The Republican-controlled Senate failed Wednesday to advance efforts to change federal immigration law — including one to cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities. The vote was 53-44, failing to get the minimum 60 votes to begin debate on the issue. The measure attempted to block congressional funding for sanctuary cities — municipalities that ban police from cooperating with immigration officials to potentially deport illegal immigrants.

Senate Republicans also failed to get enough votes to advance their proposed Kate’s Law – named after Kate Steinle, who was fatally shot in July 2015, allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had multiple felony convictions and was deported several times prior to the incident.

“How many times does this have to happen?” Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Pat Toomey asked just before the 55-42 vote that failed along party lines. “At some point, a person needs to go to jail. That’s what Kate’s Law does.”

The Democrats’ stupid allegiance to open illegal immigration is coming at a cost, the cost of American lives.

We may never know why liberals want people to come here illegally, instead of going through the proper channels. Why do they want weak borders that allow criminals and terrorist saunter right into our country? Maybe that makes it easier for their drug dealers to get product in to Washington. Who knows?

But we do know that they’ll protect their ignorant agenda, regardless of how many American lives are lost. The biggest idiot in this charade is undoubtedly Harry Reid. The coward connected the law to GOP candidate Donald Trump’s plans to make America safe. Apparently Reid wants a dangerous country to live in.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said they put presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s “anti-immigration rhetoric into action.”

“These bills follow Trump’s lead in demonizing, criminalizing immigrant, Latino families,” the Nevada Democrat said before the votes.

Sorry Harry, it doesn’t “demonize” anyone. It does give law enforcement the power to protect lawful American citizens. I don’t understand why you want to help illegal, dangerous criminals to continue to rob, rape, and kill Americans. I guess you don’t really care, do you Harry? You’re safe, thanks to your paid body guards.

Until Congress pushes for actual immigration reform, dangerous illegals will operate in our cities, unafraid that our government will take any action to stop them.

Source: Allen B West

Adam Casalino
Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work: www.talesofmaora.com
Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work: www.talesofmaora.com
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