WHAT?! The Obamacare Replacement Just Dropped…But It’s Not What Americans Expected!

It’s finally here.

Every day during his campaign for president, Donald Trump vowed to “repeal and replace Obamacare.” He promised that if elected, his solution to America’s healthcare issues would be free market based, affordable and help more people in need.

Impatient Trump voters have been waiting each day to see this new plan unveiled and now it is here. Unfortunately, many of them won’t be very happy when they read the details.

Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire analyzes what he’s calling “Ryancare” and explains what he sees as the top five problems with it.

While famously no fan of Donald Trump, he is also a traditional conservative who advocates for free markets, so Shapiro’s criticisms focus on the economic aspects of the president’s Obamacare replacement.

Shapiro says the “five biggest problems are”:

It Retains Requirements That Insurance Cover People With Pre-Existing Conditions. (…) the Republicans’ attempt to preserve this popular provision of Obamacare means that Republicans must also do something to ensure that insurance companies don’t go bankrupt.

There are only two ways to do that: with a mandate to buy insurance, or with government subsidies. (…)

It gets rid of the overt Obamacare mandate. But it does allow insurance companies to charge an elevated 30% fine for those whose insurance lapses…

[I]t includes an advanceable, refundable tax credit based on age. This is effectively a subsidy (…)

Furthermore, says Shapiro, Trump’s plan subsidizes Medicaid as well as “high-risk pools on the state level.”

He also notes that the Trump plan has some positive aspects.

For instance, it revokes Obamacare taxes and ends sponsorship of Planned Parenthood.

Of course, everyone will have to read the entire plan, as well as Ben Shapiro’s analysis, to begin to shape their own opinions.

Shapiro’s verdict, however, is that rather than “repealing and replacing Obamacare,” the Trump administration is going to cement it more firmly in place, in order to avoid “political blowback.”

It is very likely though that given how we’ve seen Donald Trump operate, he will respond to his supporters’ criticisms once the details are revealed and quite possibly alter the details in the future.

What do you think about this potential replacement to Obamacare? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Daily Wire

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