The 1 Thing Trump Has And Clinton Doesn’t…Guarantees She Can’t Beat Him!

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House has so much going for it, on paper: Tens of millions of dollars, name recognition, a network of high profile, powerful allies, and even the opportunity to make history and elect the first woman president of the United States.

However, her campaign lacks one very important factor that could render all those assets meaningless and ultimately keep her from achieving her goal.

It’s something that money and celebrity endorsements can’t buy, at least in the large, lasting quantities required to win.

Ivan Couronne at Yahoo!News writes about the one big difference between the Clinton and Trump campaigns:

His rallies are like raucous circuses, interrupted by the clamor of a captivated crowd that is quick to finish his sentences. Hers seem more like sober presidential addresses, exhaustive litanies of proposals presented to well-behaved supporters.

With the US presidential election about to enter a new phase, the Democratic candidate suffers from a glaring enthusiasm deficit, threatened by Bernie Sanders in the final primaries in June and unable to contain Republican charges of ethical lapses fueled by her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. (…)

“I guess we should have gotten a bigger room,” she tells the crowd of 1,200 in the suburban Riverside campus, apologizing that some people were left outside. But her advance team had chosen this gymnasium precisely for its modest size. Only Bernie Sanders has drawn crowds like Trump’s.

It’s almost a throwaway line, but one sentence in Couronne’s article says a lot, in few words. In fact, it accidentally seems to summarize the entire election, and maybe even its outcome:

“Making matters worse, Hillary Clinton tends to arrive late, while the Donald Trump Show always begins on time.”


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