Shock REVELATION: Now We Know Where The Clinton Cash Went…WORSE Then We Imagined!

After many in the media questioned why Hillary Clinton refused to divulge personal information, such as earnings and tax details, the Clinton’s finally released their tax returns.

While we can’t completely trust a document provided by Crooked Hillary, it does paint a strange picture of how the Clinton’s earn their cash, and where it all goes.

We’ve known for a long time that Bill and Hillary have created a phony charity to siphon cash into their own pockets. They’ve set a scheme of “public speaking” that allows their buddies overseas to buy favors without it looking obvious.

Now we’re learning a little more.

From Independent Journal:

Hillary Clinton also listed $1.475 million in gross income from speaking, and Bill reported $5.25 million in gross income from speaking. No details were provided on those speaking engagements.

The Clintons made $10.7 million in total income, but reported an adjusted gross income of $10.6 million due to a self-employment tax deduction.

But now comes the tricky part, their charitable giving.

The Clintons donated $1,042,000 to charity in 2015. Of that, all but $42,000 went to the Clinton Family Foundation, which then hands out donations to charities of its own.

It’s easy to give to a charity, when the charity is in your name. And while the Clinton Family Foundation does give money to other organizations (including the confusingly named “Clinton Foundation”) it is still money under the control of the Clinton’s.

Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Giving money to non-profits allows for tax exemption, the idea being you are giving money to people in need. But when you run the organization, aren’t you just giving money to yourself?

I guess the Clinton’s consider themselves the most in-need.

Source: Independent Journal

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