White House Retaliates On Democrats, Calls For Special Investigation – Obama, Hillary Are Reeling

After months and months of rumors and speculation, the “special investigator” Robert Mueller has not been able to find evidence of a Trump-Russia collusion.

However, we are only getting more and more details about a too-close-for-comfort relationship between the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, and Russian agents. As they negotiated the sale of American uranium stock, Russians were being investigated for bribery. Obama covered it up so Congress would approve the sale.

The deeper we dig, the more questionable things we find.

Now the White House is calling for an investigation into the matter. They just might get it.

From Daily Caller:

President Trump’s Chief of Staff said on Monday night that the Justice Department should appoint a special counsel to investigate Democrats.

John Kelly called for a probe into a controversial uranium deal that occurred during the administration of former President Barack Obama. He also wants an investigation into a dossier compiled on Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, filled with false allegations of wrongdoing.

“One of the strengths I have in looking at issues in my job, I think probably as a layman looking at this kind of thing, we need to find someone who’s very, very objective, who can get to the bottom of these accusations,” Kelly said in an interview on Fox News’ new show, The Ingraham Angle, featuring radio talk show host Laura Ingraham.

“I think it’s important. Again, the American people have an absolute right to know these things,” he said.

Republican lawmakers in Congress last week moved forward with a probe into the Obama-era uranium deal. Some charge that Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the deal, but only after the Clintons’ charitable organization got a $145 million donation, Reuters reported.

John Kelly’s no fool. If he smells a rat, there most likely is one. Plus, he’s got the ear of President Trump. If he thinks there should be an investigation, there will be one.

All that it would take is for the President to direct the DOJ or FBI to open it. The Attorney General would be all too happy to get the ball rolling on the matter. Considering Congress has already started a probe into the suspicious uranium deal, it wouldn’t take too much effort in getting federal law enforcement in on the party.

What do you think they’ll find? It’s obvious something fishy was going on during the uranium deal. Evidence points to Russian agents sneaking cash into the Clinton Foundation’s pockets.

Hopefully the President will be able to pull the trigger on an investigation and the American people will finally get some justice.

Source: Daily Wire

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