Breaking: White House TRAITOR Exposed…Washington Liberals Are PANICKING!

There is a brutal war going on between President Trump’s administration and established political insiders.

President Trump’s mandate is to drain the swamp of D.C. of all insider games and corruption. That means making major changes to how Washington operates in order to protect the interests of the American people.

You can imagine the kind of blowback that has been occurring. It’s not just from liberals, but from anyone who is about to lose their job or suffer some monetary shortages, as the lobbyist system is hindered and traditional processes of putting special interests first end.

Then there’s the stragglers left from the last administration. As Trump gets his people into place, there are literally thousands on government employees who might to feel loyal to the current leadership, as we’ve seen recently.

These people cannot be trusted. They may even try to undermine President Trump’s ability to lead, as we have recently seen.

From IJR:

The unauthorized leak of transcripts from President Donald Trump’s phone calls with leaders in Mexico and Australia has raised some serious security questions…

During an interview with Fox News’ Howie Kurtz, Conway said the administration is “very concerned” with the leak because “we’re not leakers.”

She wouldn’t “conclude” anything, but repeated the speculation that she’s heard. Conway told Kurtz:

“Could be state department officials who are holdovers. It certainly isn’t Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his close advisers.”

We know that Trump’s people are loyal and above reproach. They have no interest in undermining the president’s talks with foreign leaders or his plans to secure better trade deals or safer borders.

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But people from Obama administration that are still around might want to do as much damage as they can to the current one. With Tillerson only just becoming the head of the State Department, there is undoubtedly people still there loyal to Obama. It wouldn’t be too hard for them to leak data to the press they hope would hurt President Trump.

The good news is people like that won’t be around for long. As Tillerson flexes his leadership muscles, those who are loyal to the department and our President will stick around. Those unwilling… well, they’ll be gone.

Source: IJR

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