Exposed: Look Who Is Funding The Trump Assassination Play….Taxpayers Are FURIOUS!

News has spread online about a New York production that depicts the assassination of President Trump.

The New York City Public Theater is putting on a new version of Julius Caesar. But instead of robes and garlands, the titular character just happens to look like our the leader of the free world.

Millions of Americans are outraged over the insult. But the real crime is in discovering who has been bank rolling this company for years.

You and me.

From Breitbart:

New York City’s Public Theater — the company behind this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar, which depicts the assassination and brutal stabbing of a stand-in for President Donald Trump — has received nearly $30 million in federal, state, and city grants since 2009, according to a report.

Data published by OpenTheBooks CEO and Forbes contributor Andrew Andrzejewski reveals that the New York Shakespeare Festival, which appears to be the name of the entity operating Shakespeare in the Park, has received some $4.1 million in federal, state, and city grants in just the past three years…

“Since 2010, New York City gave NYSF $23.5 million to build and renovate their public theater and funded an additional $5 million as ‘payments to cultural institutions.’” Andrzejewski wrote. “Over the past three years, the New York state agency ‘Council on the Arts’ chipped in $310,000.”

The Public Theater’s latest Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar has caused national controversy over the bloody scene in which a stand-in for Trump — complete with blond hair and a business suit — is stabbed to death. The resulting backlash against the play has led companies including Delta Air Lines and Bank of America to pull funding from the theater.

This is why President Trump has been curtailing public funding of the arts. Do you really want your hard-earned tax dollars going to enrich liberal artists like these?

They get big bucks to renovate their buildings, pay staff, and put on shows, off the back of your hard work. They don’t have to worry about profits or competition, because the government is taking care of the checks.

Yet instead of showing appreciation to the American public, they insult us by murdering our Commander in Chief.

Question: should tax dollars go to support such crimes? Of course not.

It’s high time government funds get put to good use. No more tax dollars going to fund liberal garbage disguised as art.

Source: Breitbart

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