Who Won The Trump NFL Standoff? All The Latest Polls.

Even though Colin Kaepernick is out of the league, his influence is spreading worse than a bad case of jock itch.

The NFL season is still just getting started and already protests to the flag and National Anthem are ruining the sport. More and more athletes are showing their disrespect for the flag and our country by kneeling during the anthem.

But as it turns out, the NFL’s foolish choice to defend these entitled, spoiled brats just might bite them in the end.

Imagine my surprise!

From Breitbart:

Yahoo Finance headlined its story about its poll with a finding of 62 percent of respondents who said they will watch less football — a percentage Yahoo determined based on how certain questions were answered or not answered…

But looking directly at results for each question on the survey also reveals that a majority of respondents said would watch less football and that they support President Donald Trump’s decision to speak out against the protests.

The raw data shows that when asked, “What has changed about your relationship with the NFL?” 80 percent said they will watch less football on TV because of the controversy and more than 53 percent said they are more supportive of Trump since his remarks last month that the protests are disrespectful to the U.S., its flag and the men and women in the military and law enforcement who sacrifice to protect all Americans.

You don’t need a poll to tell you that. What began as a pathetic ploy by failing athlete Kaepernick to protect his job has spiraled into a problem that might ruin the league.

News flash NFL: football fans are patriotic people. They love their country and the flag. Regardless of their political views, they don’t, I repeat, don’t like to see players insult the very symbol of our liberty.

The fact that the number is shockingly high is a bit of a glimpse into the future. Ratings are already dropping; been dropping since last season. With 80% willing to ditch the sport because of the protests, we could be seeing a dead sport in a matter of months.

If the ratings drop, the networks will be forced to cut NFL games, just to win back some viewers. That means a huge drop in revenue for the sport. And that’s not to mention fans who stop buying all that overpriced merchandise.

It’s only a matter of time before the NFL can’t support those bloated salaries for players and coaches.

All because the NFL was too cowardly to put a stop to this.

Here’s a tip guys: STOP THE PROTESTS. It’s not rocket science.

Source: Breitbart

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