WHOA! California Commits State Suicide…MASSIVE New Law Has Freeloaders PANICKING!

Liberal governments clearly don’t understand how businesses work.

If they did, they wouldn’t interfere so often in the affairs of private companies—and tank them in the process.

Yet thanks to their Socialist leanings and a desire to pander to low-wage workers, the liberal leaders of San Francisco forced a minimum wage hike.

That may sound like a nice thing, but businesses can only afford so many workers. And they can only afford certain salaries.

There is a reason people try to get better jobs than burger flippers.

As it turns out, this liberal nonsense has hurt the Bay Area, bigly.

From Daily Wire:

In the winter of 2016-17, 64 restaurants around the Bay Area have closed. And these weren’t your garden-variety restaurants that were parts of national chains; they closed all over the area, from Berkeley to Hayes Valley to Oakland to the Embarcadero to Inner Richmond to the Marina to the financial district.

But that possibility didn’t matter to the groups fighting for a wage hike, including “Fight for 15,” which stated, “We’re robbed on the job by our employers looking to cut corners. And it’s not like our employers are struggling — these are multi-billion dollar corporations.”

Isn’t that just the typical, idiotic leftist rhetoric we hear all the time. A big business makes a lot of money, so they should be forced to pay their entry-level workers higher wages.

Forgetting the fact that the lowest skilled workers don’t deserve higher wages. Learn some skills, get an education, and then maybe you can get promoted to a higher pay grade.

These liberals also forget that while they rant against big companies like McDonald’s, their stupid policies hurt many small, locally owned businesses. You know, the ones that hippies fawn over all the time.

A mom and pop restaurant can’t seriously afford to pay their employees $14-$15 an hour. Big companies can lay off staff and get by, but a small one? They just close shop.

In April, the Harvard Business School, released a study that examined restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area between 2008 and 2016 titled, “Survival of the Fittest: The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Firm Exit.” 

The study posited that a $1 increase in the minimum wage led to a roughly 14% increase in the likelihood of a median 3.5 star restaurant closing.

The study concluded that over the next two years, San Francisco’s restaurant industry would shrink, meaning the workers would lose jobs.

Surprise, surprise. The most liberal region of America is driving away jobs.

When do you think the people of SF will learn enough and vote out these dummies? Not soon enough, I’m sure.

Source: Daily Wire

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