WHOA! CNN Caught On Live TV…Claims Donald Trump DIED! [WATCH]

We’ve known, long before this election, how corrupt, dishonest, and unprofessional CNN is. They have long ago abandoned journalistic ethics to push their toxic, liberal ideology (some could argue they never had any ethics).

A station founded by TV billionaire Ted Turner always seemed poised to promote ideas that were counter-American, violated the virtues of free press, and obscured obvious facts.

This election year has seen the station plunge to new depths. They covered up the many crimes Hillary Clinton committed. They lied to viewers, in one instance telling them it was illegal to read WikiLeaks. They went out of their way to distort the fact regard Donald Trump, his candidacy, and career.

So it comes as no surprise after their stunning upset at the polls, they would continue their crusade against the President-Elect.

From Joe For America:

CNN is chock [sic] full of embarrassing moments, but man does this one take the cake!

Little did the reporting crew realize, the microphone was not turned off and caught every word they said about pres-elect Trump and it wasn’t pretty. They were joking about Donald Trump’s plane crashing, then proceeded to laugh at the thought of him being obliterated.

Sure everyone gossips, but what happened to the words ROLLING and CUT? Maybe they should go over basic reporting procedures again, those little details can be important. You know, so you don’t reveal to the entire world that you wish the president died in a plane crash, just a thought…

CNN has gotten a lot of heat for this slip up, for good reason. The people who still watch their network–even ones that didn’t vote for Trump–were disgusted to hear this.

Yes, CNN is probably bitter over Trump’s evisceration of their bosses at Trump Tower. But for their own sakes, they need to suck it up and start to report the facts fairly.

The epic defeat of the mainstream media this election should teach them that they no longer have the strangle hold they thought they had over Americans. Now they must return to true journalism, not the biased pandering they’ve gotten use to.

But this little episode reveals that at least CNN is unwilling to change their ways. It will only prove to ruin them.

Source: Joe For America

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