WHOA: Hillary GRILLED On Trump Rally Violence…Her Response STUNS America!

When it comes to avoiding embarrassing situations, queen Hillary of the Democrat clan, knows what to do. Deny, deny deny and if that doesn’t save the evil queen from those horrible mainstream media trolls then lie, lie and lie!

That is what the not-so-presidential candidate did when she was asked about recent Project Veritas videos exposing flagrant voter fraud and showing the DNC admitting to “stirring the pot” at Trump rallies in order to incite his supporters to violence on camera for public display on mainstream media news shows.

EXPOSED: DNC Caught Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies and Second Project Veritas Video Exposes MASSIVE Democrat Voter Fraud).

Notice how Hillary never acknowledged anything about the Project Veritas videos and passed it off as a Donald Trump conspiracy theory!

Of course, the mainstream media will probably follow suit and ignore the video evidence until someone literally smacks them in the face with it.

As always, the last resort for any politician when denying and lying are ineffective at slaying those prying media questions is to turn and run and true to form, Hillary doesn’t have any answers for those questions because she knows whatever she said would be so incriminating that it would bring down her campaign.

Something we would all love to see happen!

Source: Louder With Crowder

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