WHOA! Hillary Makes A Complete FOOL Of Herself…On Live TV! [WATCH]

The results are in and by all accounts, Donald Trump won the first presidential debate. In spite of rigged questioned by biased moderator Lester Holt, not to mention the huge passes he gave to Hillary, Trump stood his ground, showing his trademark boldness and clear plans as president.

Most viewers criticized Hillary for her clearly rehearsed talking points, going over her tired agenda that was all too vague. She made empty promises for the middle class, without going into any specifics, the same kind of worthless rhetoric that has turned Americans from politicians.

That’s when she wasn’t unjustly attacking Trump, of course.

As pundits analyze the debate to no end, they are picking up a few hints about the candidates. You can learn a lot from a person by watching their facial expressions and behavior, especially when in the spot light.

Many were wondering how the democrat candidate would hold up throughout the 90-minute long debate, considering her recent health scares. Thankfully we weren’t exposed to a collapse or massive gaff–which would have stalled or derailed the discussion of important issues.

Instead, we saw just a little of how unhinged Hillary Clinton is.

From Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton sought a humanizing moment at Monday’s presidential debate when she wiggled and giggled at an accusation from her rival Donald Trump — but she may have taken the gesture a little too far.

USA Today‘s Josh Hafner writes that he counts Clinton “shaking her shoulders as many as 10 times.” [Did I mention this election has prompted some of the weirdest news coverage in history?]

From social media to image sharing sites like Imgur, videos of the odd behavior spread like wildfire. At best it’s another sign of the awkward and ungainly mannerisms of the woman; at worst it’s a little bit of her possible degenerative disease leaking through.

With speculation that the woman is suffering from a serious illness, it’s very likely that her handlers and doctors had her doped up on powerful drugs for the debate. Overall she appeared composed, but that odd wiggle belies her true condition.

The Clinton camp will, once again dodge, ignore, and lie about the moment, but the entire world was watching. That odd, little wiggle will certainly come back to haunt her.

Source: Breitbart

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