The democrats are back to playing the “blame game” in trying to excuse the misconduct of their own party in the way they ran their presidential campaign for Hillary.

But now, they have taken it to a whole new level, and it’s a level that could cause huge trouble with Russia. Let’s start at the beginning.

Barack has been so busy putting out fires (scandals) that he didn’t have the time or the wherewithal to deal with Trump too, or Hillary surely would be putting together her cabinet appointments at this very moment, or so they believe.

It’s really a low blow to use his, personally appointed, CIA intelligence organization to blame Russian hacking for Trump winning the election. This of course suggests Trump cheated, but so far, the CIA hasn’t produced one shred of documentation proving the allegation. All they’ve done is repeat the allegation over and over so people will just believe it’s true without any evidence to back it up.

And the lamestream media is eating it up with gusto!

So now Obama is acting like the big man on campus making threats at Putin as Obama heads for the exit.

Here’s what the WASHINGTON (AP) had to say about it:

President Barack Obama put Russia’s Vladimir Putin on notice Friday that the U.S. could use offensive cyber muscle to retaliate for interference in the U.S. presidential election, his strongest suggestion to date that Putin had been well aware of campaign email hacking.

“Whatever they do to us, we can potentially do to them,” Obama declared.

Obama whined like a little girl that didn’t get her ice cream as Townhall relates:

Though Obama avoided criticizing President-elect Trump by name, he called out Republicans who he said fail even now to acknowledge the seriousness of Russia’s involvement in U.S. elections.

Obama expressed bewilderment about GOP lawmakers and voters who now say they approve of Putin, and he said unless that changes the U.S. will be vulnerable to foreign influence.

“Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave,” Obama said as he closed out the year at a White House news conference. Afterward he left for the family’s annual vacation in Hawaii.

So now Obama is claiming to be the “voice of Ronald Reagan?”

Does anyone else get the feeling Obama is doing what DemocRats always do.  They recognize an issue, raise as much controversy and strife over it as they can and then exit, stage left while pointing fingers at Republicans before people realize DemocRats are the ones causing all the problems?

Source: Townhall 





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