WHOA: Rush Limbaugh Drops A BOMBSHELL On Trump Supporters! “The Polls Are…

This election has seen a significant decline in viewer’s trust of the mainstream media. And for good reason. While millions of Americans rally behind the conservative candidate for president, Donald Trump, they’ve been forced to watch unbiased, manipulative, one-sided coverage from news outlets.

We’ve reached a point where we can’t even trust polls that are coming from once trusted sources. The media is blatantly ignoring the momentum Trump has been enjoying among Americans and looking the other way at the disaster that has been the Hillary campaign.

But you might be surprised to learn that this is nothing new. Way back in the 1980 Presidential Election, the media were up to the same tricks. Polls were predicting a decisive victory for then president Jimmy Carter over Republican candidate Ronald Reagan.

Reagan, who would become one of our most important and beloved presidents, was mocked and hated by the left and media. They criticized him for years, trying to use their influence to sway the public against him.

But what do you know, they failed.

Rush Limbaugh discussed the 1980 Election Night results recently, showing how one-sided the media was back then, as it is now.

From Rush Limbaugh:

[T]his was the election that they called it for Reagan before California had even closed the polls, it was such a landslide.

Yet the last polling data going into the election in 1980 had Jimmy Carter winning by nine points…

They were bamboozled!  They couldn’t figure it out!  Reagan was an actor!  The polls didn’t say anything this was gonna happen.  They were beside themselves!  He was an actor, he was a sports announcer.  Could it have been, Brinkley wanted to know, could it have been that a lot of people decided to vote for Reagan, didn’t want to say so?…

[Reagan] had run for the nomination the Republican Party in ’76.  But he was laughed at.  They thought he was dumb then.  They thought he was slow minded and dim-witted back then.  They thought he couldn’t speak.  They thought Reagan — amazingly, a guy that later became known as the Great Communicator — couldn’t speak…

I mean, Tip O’Neill, even after he became president, called him “an amiable dunce,” which is what the Democrats always do.  The way the Democrats try to dispirit everybody and impugn people is basically insult their intelligence.  If you’re not Democrat, if you’re not liberal, you’re an idiot. You’re kook. Something’s wrong with you.  Reagan got that same kind of treatment — and Jimmy Carter, of course, was beloved.

It’s amazing that over 30 years have passed and the left is playing the same game. They try to use their buddies in the media to put forward questionable polls to protect their candidate. They attack and criticize the conservative choice, using bully tactics to insult him and his supporters.

And when a conservative wins by a decisive victory, they’re speechless. This is the biggest problem with the intellectual, elitist left. They don’t understand why Americans are sick of their dishonest, disgraceful tactics. They can’t even see how they’re losing, when they’re losing.

They don’t understand why over 90% of Americans lost their faith in the media. Why they’d rally behind an outsider like Reagan or Trump, who promise to restore the strength and dignity of America, over an insider democrat like Carter or Clinton, who represent the ongoing problems of our country.

Who knows if this year’s election will be like 1980’s? The circumstances are eerily similar, except now the mainstream media is even more open about their manipulation and bias.

We’ve seen the immense support that Trump has received from Americans and the lukewarm reception they’ve given Hillary.

But will that amount to a win at the polls? That remains to be seen.

Source: Rush Limbaugh

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