WHOA: Megyn Kelly’s Salary Negotiations LEAKED…What She Wants Is MIND-BLOWING!

We’ve all wondered, from time to time, just how much a ‘popular” news journalist on one of the major networks, makes in a year. We imagine that most pull down a salary in the high six figure range and some even seven figures.

Well, now we know how much FOX News personality, Megyn Kelly, thinks she’s worth and it’s probably a heck of a lot more than **we** think she’s worth!

Kelly has earned some prominence as the news show host of her popular program “The Kelly File” and has rankled the ire of many Donald Trump supporters who see her treatment of the Republican presidential nominee, in the first debate, as a crusade against him!

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Fox News star Megyn Kelly has changed agents and publicity teams since last year. Now the question is if she will change TV networks.

Host of “The Kelly File,” one of the cable-news channel’s most popular shows, Ms. Kelly is in active talks over her contract, which expires next July. Her profile has been rising during the presidential election cycle, in part thanks to a dust-up with Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Keeping Ms. Kelly is a priority for senior management, including Rupert Murdoch, chief executive of Fox News and co-executive chairman of its parent company, 21st Century Fox.

Murdoch said he plans on keeping Ms. Kelly at FOX and that money was not an issue but if she decides to make the switch to another network,  “we have a deep bench of talent, many of whom would give their right arm for her spot.”

The Wall Street Journal article related that according to some close confidants of Ms. Kelly:

For the final year of her current deal, Ms. Kelly is set to receive about $15 million, people familiar with the matter said. The people said she is seeking an average annual salary north of $20 million for her next contract—which would put her on par with Fox host Bill O’Reilly.

The two networks believed to be competing for Ms. Kelly’s talents are CNN and ABC.

Here’s one writer who’d like to see her move on to one of the mainstream networks that more closely fits in with her left leaning political slant. Up until the Trump candidacy, she kept her Liberal tendencies in check but now we are seeing them in full force!

If Kelly decides to make the jump to another network, then bye bye and good riddance to her!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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