WHOA: Obama Admits STUNNING Failure…Americans Are Furious!

Mr. Obama will leave Washington with a legacy in tatters.  It really takes a lot of work to find any successes, even if we’re willing to condescend for a moment to defining success in the same way Obama does.

His signature health care plan is a fiasco by any honest evaluation.  Obamacare, or at least most of it, is headed for the trash can after Mr. Trump takes over.

Race relations have deteriorated.  The Middle East continues in turmoil. Relations with nuclear powers such as Russia and China have deteriorated. And, speaking of nuclear weapons, that little manic in North Korea continues with his weapons development plans, thereby sticking his thumb in the eyes of world leaders including Obama.

All of this is spectacular support for the notion that the man should have never been allowed anywhere near the White House.

Alas, we cannot turn back time.  At least we have seen Mrs. Clinton’s “junta-in-waiting” dispatched, and thereby unable to propagate her signature versions of corruption and military adventurism throughout the world.

In what is advertised as a rare moment of candor, Obama admitted in a recent interview with CNN that, “the rise of the terrorist group [ISIL] wasn’t something he considered.”  In other words, he wants us to believe that he got caught flat-footed.  Perhaps.

He continues:  “The ability of ISIL to not just mass inside of Syria, but then to initiate major land offensives that took Mosul, for example, that was not on my intelligence radar screen…”

True to form, he’s not about to take responsibility for this, choosing instead to find others at fault.  The Conservative Tribune points this out:

“However, if Obama were to be completely honest, he would have admitted that he allowed the terrorist group to flourish because he never took them seriously until it was far too late. In 2014, he jokingly referred to them as a ‘JV team,’ although, as Newsmax pointed out, they had become one of the most vicious terrorist groups in history.”

We’re not sure it’s appropriate to be as generous with Mr. Obama as the Tribune is.  Perhaps in his lust to add Syria to his list of nations targeted for overthrow, he either deliberately allowed ISIS to form, or perhaps supported it through subterfuge.

After all, there’s nothing like a virulently militant and active terrorist group in a country to offer an excuse for invasion.

A very wise Middle Eastern leader once said that whatever appears to be happening in the Middle East is not what is really happening.  The same can be said of the Obama White House.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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