WHOA! Trump Garners SERIOUS Support from this Surprising Group!

Men, women, children. Christian, Jewish. Doesn’t matter your demographic; if you aren’t radical Islam, you are on their hit list.

And the LGBTQ population is specifically no exception.

While many are in the community are in denial about this frightening fact, others have bravely gone public with their support for Trump since being forthright about his mission to keep radicals out of the country.

Breitbart profiled two men who let their feelings be known at a recent Trump rally:

John LaBarbera and Craig Starling, wearing rainbow ‘Gays for Trump’ T-shirts, made sure they were there. “We’re concerned about the possibility of Muslim terrorism,” Starling told Breitbart News. “Trump is better on security and immigration.”

The men traveled from Savannah, Georgia to the rally in Jacksonville, Florida, and talked about their experiences:

He said that he had lost several yard signs to theft and had endured hate on Facebook, but added that people at Savannah’s gay pride rally had been kind when they set up a booth for Trump and that Trump fans at the rally had been supportive.

It’s likely that most gays and lesbians will still vote for Clinton, well – because she is a woman and a democrat. However, it seems that Trump’s repeated condemnation of the treatment of homosexuals in Muslim countries (and Hillary’s weird laugh when he mentioned that in one debate) has changed some minds.

Credit: Breitbart

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