WHOA! With 1 Question, Bernie Sanders Just DISQUALIFIED Himself! [PATHETIC]

It’s tempting to assume that many Hispanics living in the United States are reflexively backing Democrats Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

After all, that’s the narrative both the media and Hispanic activists project.

However, Sanders just faced one of the only pointed questions about his economic policies he’s received so far — from a Spanish-language network.

Not only that, but his answer (or more precisely, his non-answer) won’t be very reassuring to Democrats who are thinking of switching from the #ImWithHer camp to #FeelTheBern.

Breitbart.com has the story:

Sanders was asked by Univision’s Leon Krauze to explain how socialism has failed the governments of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, refused to comment, instead saying he was focused on his own presidential campaign in the U.S.

I am very interested, but right now I’m running for President of the United States,” Sanders said.

Krauze pressed the presidential candidate and asked if he had an opinion on the dire situation in Venezuela.

“Of course I have an opinion, but as I said, I’m focused on my campaign,” Sanders responded.

Whenever a politician sticks that closely to his “no comment” script, voters should be worried. Why can’t Sanders, a self-described socialist, come up with one single positive (or even defensive) remark about the economic philosophy he promotes?

More importantly, as Michelle Jesse at AllenBWest.com points out:

Hispanics who have settled in the United States legally have far more reason to fear the likes of Bernie Sanders — and others in the Democrat Socialist party, such as his rival trying to out-left him, Hillary Clinton — who want to implement policies that led to the failure of the countries they fled. These immigrants came to America for a reason — and you can bet it wasn’t seeking the failed economies and states they left behind.

Americans can only hope that these Hispanic voters make up a majority. Only time will tell.

Credit: AllenBWest.com

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