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REVEALED: Why People Love Donald Trump…This Explains A LOT!
By Adam Casalino|June 21, 2016

In the wake of the terrorist shooting in Orlando, FL, new conservative voices are being heard.

Writers and speakers who for years have fought online are now getting national attention at an unprecedented scale. This is due to the fact that many are losing interest in the apologetic left, their extreme regressive tactics, and outright childishness.

One of those voices gaining momentum is gay conservative writer, Milo Yiannopoulos.  A tech writer for Breitbart, Milo has been traveling to universities across American to give voice to groups that are all but silenced.

American campuses have become breeding grounds for radical, irrational leftists like modern feminism, Black Lives Matter, and other out-of-their-minds liberals. The most oppressed group in colleges right now is conservatives. Milo–and others–aims to change that.

Since the attack in Orlando, Milo has been getting greater attention. He stood outside Pulse nightclub and called all homosexuals in America to arm themselves, because their liberal buddies in Washington won’t protect them. His outlandish, unapologetic views have made him an alternative media darling, one that even Twitter couldn’t silence (though they wrongfully suspended his account twice in one day).

Some have wondered at Milo’s rise in popularity, but it’s plain to see. “Politics as usual” is dead.

Americans of all stripes are hungry for people who will speak the truth, who are unafraid of ruffling the feathers of established parties. This is the same reason Donald Trump has defied the odds of pundits and political “experts.” American voters have rallied behind him because of his unabashed stance on issues that matter to them.

Even liberal outlets like Harvard Politics is taking notice:

The rise of Yiannopoulos can help to explain the rise of Donald Trump. Both have attracted followers that feel silenced, ignored, and invalidated by the left. Both will continue to receive sympathy and exposure if their opponents continue to aggressively and instinctually dismiss their views… More broadly, the story of Yiannopoulos is useful to understand today’s political climate. There is an ever-growing number of Americans—liberals and conservatives—who feel like their voices are not being heard. Americans are increasingly identifying with their party, race, gender, or sexuality—and are judging the quality of an argument on the identity of the speaker. A political system established to encourage discourse and compromise has succumbed to partisan bickering. In order to save it, we may need to confront those we most disagree with, listen empathically, and fight the urge to silence or invalidate them.

Like I said, the sleepy, ineffective political system of the last few decades is gone. If Democrats and Republicans want to hold onto their positions, they need to understand Americans are giving a damn. We are paying attention, we want our voices heard. Individuals like Milo and Trump are listening and echoing our sentiments.

The establishment continues to put their fingers in their ears and pretend it’s the 1990’s, to their ultimate destruction.

Adam Casalino
Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work: www.talesofmaora.com
Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work: www.talesofmaora.com
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