Why Trump Must Speak With Israel—NOW—About Their Border Wall

Perhaps the biggest promise of Donald Trump’s campaign–perhaps the one that got him elected–was his vow to secure our southern border.

Countless illegals flood our country through Mexico. This not only brings man undocumented workers that steal jobs and lower wages, but it allows criminals, murderers, rapists, drug runners, and even terrorists to easily enter our country.

One of President Trump’s promises is to build a wall across the U.S.-Mexican border that will greatly reduce this tide of illegal immigration. While many of the left are outraged by this sensible solution, many Americans are demanding it and the wheels are already in motion.

One shining example of how strict immigration policy can save a country is Israel. As the only true democracy in the Middle East, it is often a target of violence and illegal entry. So its leaders erected a border wall along the shared border with Egypt. That helped reduce illegal entry by a huge amount.

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But there were other measures Israel took to end illegal immigration. Perhaps measures that we should look into.

From The Daily Wire:

Gideon Israel pointed out in a piece in Mida that around 61,000 illegals poured through Egypt’s border and into Israel from 2007-2012; that number drastically declined to less than 150 illegals per year from 2013 to 2016, with the one exception being 232 illegals in 2015. Israel’s border fence was established in December 2012.

On the surface, it would seem that the border fence is the cause for the steep decline in illegal immigration into Israel. But there were other factors that contributed to the decline.

There was a surge in illegals in 2007 due to scores of work permits being granted to illegals without permission of the Israeli government, suggesting that the rise in illegal immigration was primarily due to economic reasons rather than refugees fleeing to Israel.

Naturally, Israel sought to create economic incentives that not only discouraged illegals from entering Israel, but encouraged them to leave Israel. In addition to clamping down on work permits, Israel added the following measures:

  • Prohibiting illegals from sending remittances to people in other countries.
  • Mandating employers to put 20 percent of their illegal employees’ compensation into a fund that could be retrieved when the illegal immigrant left the country.
  • Providing $3,500 and a plane ticket for illegals to leave the country.
  • Allowing illegals to be held in closed detention centers for as long as three months and in an open detention center for as long as 12 months.

Israel also denied government-funded health care to illegals as well tightening requirements for residing legally in the country.

This helped slow illegal immigration and caused 14,500 illegals to leave since 2013.

This is some shrewd policy from our allies in the Middle East. Not only did they construct a wall to prevent entry, but created clever rules that not only punished illegals, but encouraged them to leave.

While not all of these policies might work in the United States, we should surely look into effective and unconventional methods of discouraging illegal immigration.

I’m sure Trump would be very happy to adopt some of these plans.

Source: Daily Wire

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