WikiLeaks Blows Lid Off CORRUPT Deep State…Here’s How They Are Hacking YOU!

We’ve known for a long time that our technology can be used against us.

For years (decades even), we’ve been told to practice safe habits to ensure that our computers are free from malicious software that can undermine our personal security, even steal our identity.

As technology’s improved by leaps and bounds, this concern has only grown. Now every person (or most) has tiny computers in their pockets, that store all their photos, communications, and track their every movement.

We have TV’s with microphones and cameras, can respond to our voices and capture images of our homes. Even our cars and home appliances can connect to the Internet and provide unparalleled convenience.

But all this has come with a price. You know we are living in dangerous times when even our fridges can be hacked by malicious software (I mean, seriously, do we need cameras in our fridges?).

The biggest news to hit this week has only made us more concerned, as we’ve discovered the depths of the CIA’s ability to monitor us—and how their weapons have fallen into the wrong hands.

From the New York Times:

In what appears to be the largest leak of C.I.A. documents in history, WikiLeaks released on Tuesday thousands of pages describing sophisticated software tools and techniques used by the agency to break into smartphones, computers and even Internet-connected televisions.

The documents amount to a detailed, highly technical catalog of tools. They include instructions for compromising a wide range of common computer tools for use in spying: the online calling service Skype; Wi-Fi networks; documents in PDF format; and even commercial antivirus programs of the kind used by millions of people to protect their computers.

A program called Wrecking Crew explains how to crash a targeted computer, and another tells how to steal passwords using the autocomplete function on Internet Explorer. Other programs were called CrunchyLimeSkies, ElderPiggy, AngerQuake and McNugget.

The document dump was the latest coup for the anti-secrecy organization and a serious blow to the C.I.A., which uses its hacking abilities to carry out espionage against foreign targets.

Instead of focusing on the shocking level of power this single, practically uncheck agency has on every person in the world, the NY Times is complaining about how Wikileaks might jeopardize the CIA’s ability to work.

Excuse me, Times? We’ve just learned that the CIA was looking for ways to hack the computers on cars to carry out untraceable assassins, and you’re worried about the CIA’s abilities?

Everything from smart phones, desktop computers, TV’s, and cars can be infiltrated by the CIA’s elaborate hacking weapons. Wikileaks strongly suggests that many of the “zero day” vulnerabilities have not been reported to manufacturers, so that the CIA can continue to exploit them for monitoring U.S. civilians, government officials, and top CEO’s.

In light of this revelation, recent accusations from President Trump and others seem to make much more sense. All these mysterious leaks coming from the White House come into focus.

Wikileaks has even revealed that the CIA can make their hacks look like they’re coming from another country, say for instance… Russia.

Yet the Times and other fake news liberal outlets are trying to spin this to protect the CIA, the agency that lost control over their destruction cyber weapons.

Wikileaks reports that many operative working for the CIA have stolen these tools and either sold them or leaked them to the world. Any number of rival states, criminals, terrorists, or hackers now have the capabilities of the CIA. The fact that Wikileaks has all this data is proof enough of that.

In this daunting age, we need transparency more than ever. While the liberal media will look to malign groups like Wikileaks, the rest of us need to take heed. We must up our security game to keep our personal, digital lives secure. We need to call on our leaders to check the power of the deep state.

And we need to stop listening to the mainstream media.

Source: NY Times

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