WHOA: Wikileaks Reveals SICK Hillary Scheme! Planning Climate Change Attack Against…

The issue of climate change has been pitting scientists and politicians against each other for years. Liberal media outlets have allied themselves with the climate change lobbyists, furthering this idea that the earth is growing warmer due to mankind’s influence.

This ideology has infiltrated traditional science, not because the evidence proves it, but because it is politically advantageous to support it. Because the issue is fashionable, and gives lawmakers around the world unprecedented power over businesses and private citizens, big bucks are pumped into climate science.

The result is many well-meaning scientists jump on this band wagon in order to receive funding and support from the governments of the world. This conflict of interest has all but created a cabal between scientific communities, the media, and governments, to the point that anyone who questions climate change is branded a heretic.

How scientific of them.

The fact remains that “climate science” is far from accurate. There are legitimate reasons for the earth’s temperate to fluctuate over the course of decades and centuries that don’t involve mankind’s development (such as the cyclical El Niño and La Niña weather patterns). But the agenda of the climate change community is to generate data that will give governments greater power over how we live our lives.

So once again it goes back to corrupt politicians. Not a big surprise. The real shock is how they strategize to destroy anyone that dares oppose them.

From The Guardian:

A well-funded international campaign to counter the influence of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire on climate change has been planned, emails to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman reveal.

The plan to use “guerilla tactics”, civil disobedience and targeted advertising appears to have been hatched by David Fenton, founder of Fenton Communications, a US public relations agency.

The proposal aimed to “make Murdoch’s climate denial a major issue,” and “bring the scientific facts on climate change to his audiences directly in print and on television”. It would involve adverts in his and other publications, and the creation of websites that disseminated facts about climate change, and directly challenged the reporting in Murdoch media.

This agenda thoroughly proves the duplicity and dishonesty of climate science. Real science is meant to be challenged. Innovative thinkers throughout history have questioned what we already knew to be true about the world, eventually getting to a clearer understanding of scientific principles. However, with climate science we are seeing unprecedented resistance to anyone who questions it, largely because it empowers politicians to grab more power.

This attempt at attack Rupert Murdoch over his views flies in the face of true scientific research. It is a concerted effort to suppress the ideas of anyone that does fall in line with the climate change Gestapo.

The fact remains that climate change and climate science is not about helping the environment. It is another political tool to extend the powers of globalists, liberals, and any leader who would take advantage of it.

The only thing we can do is educate ourselves about the issues and not fall for the schemes of this cabal. Analyze what is being said about climate change and think about the speaker’s ultimate goal. Do they want greater freedom and power to the people of the world with their reforms, or more power in the hands of a select few?

Source: The Guardian

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