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REVEALED: Wikileaks Plan To Destroy Hillary…All She Can Do Is Watch & Pray!
By PJ Editor|August 1, 2016

Wikileaks has their claws in Hillary Clinton and they have no intention of letting go!

The damning leaked emails have already cost DNC chief Debbie Wasserman- Schultz her job and may cost Hillary the White House.

In the releases that have already come, we know that Hillary lied to congress and the American people, armed America’s enemies and conspired with the party big wigs to steal the nomination.

How much worse can it get? According to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, a lot worse and he intends to inflict a 1000 cuts on Clinton until she bleeds out…

“I think we will stagger it in different batches,” Wikileaks’ Julian Assange says of planned release of material related to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

As for the veracity of the information from Wikileaks, no one has claimed so far that any of it was unreal or incomplete. Assange promises more of the same…

“We are now confident the material is accurate” and are analyzing it and choosing media partners for release in order to get “maximum uptake”

Wikileaks has come under some criticism for their strategy, but Assange has an answer for that too…

Asked about Edward Snowden criticism that Wikileaks is hostile “to even modest curation,” Assange says Wikileaks “is not going to be tampering with evidence which will almost certainly be used in several successive court cases”

Clearly things are going to get A LOT worse for Hillary!

Source: Bloomberg

PJ Editor
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