Wikileaks Promises SHOCKING Surprise…The Next Target Of Their Email Dump Is…

The leaks just keep on coming.

After releasing a huge swath of damaging information about Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta,

Wikileaks is threatening to turn its attention (and the rest of the world’s) to another powerful target.

On Sunday, the official Wikileaks Twitter account warned chief Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson that they had a “surprise” in store for him.

According to Breitbart:

Wikileaks used the same “surprise” language with Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile and Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine last week putting them on notice for future leaks.

Presumably, documents connected to Benenson will reveal even more corruption and “dirty tricks” at the heart of the Clinton presidential campaign.

This comes despite Wikileaks being forced to deal with two major setbacks:

The Ecuadorian embassy in London shut off Wikileaks editor Julian Assange’s Internet access last week and on Saturday Wikileaks “mentor” Gavin MacFadyen died of lung cancer.

Yet Assange’s organization seems more determined than ever to release all the scandalous information it has on Hillary Clinton before election day. The mainstream media is still trying to ignore these revelations but thanks to social media, they are making their way around the world and into everyday conversations. There is still time for Assange’s group to help keep Hillary out of the Oval Office.

Source: Breitbart

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