Wikileaks REVEALED Hillary Used Fake Names In Email…Now Her Co-Conspirator Has Been UNMASKED!

We are learning quite a bit about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, much of her dishonest, shady, and downright bizarre behavior has been exposed to the public.

Over the last year we’ve learned about how Clinton broke federal regulations to use a private server to send classified emails.

We learned she lied about the illegal server and blamed other people (including Colin Powell) to save face.

We can only conclude she was using this server in order to keep the details of her backdoor proceedings from eyes in Washington. If she was handing out favors to foreign powers, she wouldn’t want the federal government to see it.

Now we’ve learned about another odd fact from her emails, and it involves her daughter.

From Hannity:

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has taken another bizarre twist. According to WikiLeaks, Clinton’s daughter Chelsea regularly communicated with the former Secretary of State under the alias ‘Diane Reynolds’:

In one particular exchange, Clinton emailed her daughter’s alias while in attending a meeting about Libya. In the email, dated June 9, 2011, Hillary explains to her daughter that she’s “wondering what other shoe will drop” in the country which, at the time, was in the midst of a bloody civil war.

Now you may be asking, “Why would she want to use an alias when writing to her own daughter?” The real question, however, is why was she discussing top secret information with Chelsea?

The details that are shared within the State Department are not to be spread to outside individuals. Even though Chelsea is Clinton’s daughter, she is not allowed to know about what goes on inside the government.

Clearly Hillary was masking this fact by giving her an alias.

It’s another sign that Hillary Clinton doesn’t think the rules apply to her. But what’s telling is that she knew enough to disguise Chelsea’s name. So she knew what she was doing was wrong, because she tried to hide it.

So she knows the rules, she just doesn’t follow them.

Not a very presidential attitude, if you ask me.

Source: Sean Hannity

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