Will GOP Rally To Trump? This STUNNING Endorsement Says It All!

Now is perhaps the most crucial moment in the campaign cycle.

Will Republican Party leaders and regulars bow to the inevitable and get behind Donald Trump or will they continue to fiddle as they did when they failed to coalesce around Ted Cruz to stop him?

Obviously the hope is that everyone will get on board.

Even if you hate Trump, his success is now crucial to the success of Republicans running down ballot all over the country. A major loss for Trump could easily cost Republicans the Senate, maybe the House and potentially dozens of state legislatures.

All of this on top of the Supreme Court of Hillary gets to pick the next justice.

It seems that at least some in the GOP get this.


Ron Kaufman, a Bush family operative and RNC national committeeman has come out in support of Donald Trump.

He’s called for the rest of the party to finally get on board with the front runner.

From Breitbart:

“Donald Trump is going to end up with more votes than any person who ever ran for president in a contested race, probably,” said Kaufman. “You can’t kick all those great tens of millions of voters to the side,” Kaufman said. “If we’re going to win in November we’re going to need every one of them to show up and vote.”

Now that Cruz has dropped out of the race, there is no opposition to Trump gaining the nomination.

It’s high time that the GOP supports him and presents a united front against Hillary and the Democrats.

“Once we get through the convention process, I think you’ll see that the state parties, the presidential campaign, the RNC, all work together to make sure that it’s Donald Trump picking the next two or three Supreme Court Justices and not Hillary Clinton.” 

There’s too much on the line in this Presidential election for the GOP to devolve into bickering and in fighting.

Hopefully things will turn around come the Republican convention, now that it looks Trump will tie up the necessary delegates.

Source: Breitbart

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