BREAKING: Wisconsin Just Dropped The HAMMER…Recount Decision Has Liberals LIVID!

The American Left seemed determined to look like embittered sore losers, unwilling to accept the will of the people.

How that will help their “brand” going forward is a mystery, but they don’t care. Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton are so power hungry and arrogant, they want an expensive and divisive recount of the presidential election results.

They’re not getting their way, however:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission set a timetable Monday for a recount of the presidential election but rejected a request to require a count by hand made by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who quickly responded that she would sue. (…)

Unless Stein wins her lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court, officials in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties would decide on their own whether to do their recounts by hand. That could mean some counties perform recounts by machine and some by hand. (…)

Stein is seeking to pay for the recount of Wisconsin’s election — in which she received about 31,000 votes, or 1% — to make sure that Democrat Hillary Clinton really lost Wisconsin to Republican Donald Trump by some 22,000.

Surely even some Americans who didn’t support Donald Trump are getting fed up with this endless abuse of the system by so-called progressives.

Nobody likes a sore loser, but the Stein and Clinton camps live in their own bubble and have forgotten that very basic fact of human nature. They will live to regret this.

Source: Allen B. West

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