REPORT: Witch Hunt Into Trump/Russia BACKFIRES…Democrats Going DOWN!

Democrats and their friends in the liberal mainstream media are still obsessed with the idea that “the Russians hacked the election.” Few of them can even explain what they actually mean by that, but it sounds good enough as a meme to mesmerize left wing sheeple and low-information voters.

But why would Vladimir Putin want Donald Trump in the White House?

For one thing, Trump is eager to expand fracking, while the Russians have spent millions on anti-fracking propaganda (because they want Europe to remain dependent on their oil…)

That’s just one example of why this accusation is so bizarre.

And what’s worse, none of these people are the least bit interested in investigating Democrats’ links to Russia.

In an illustration of the Law of Unintended Consequences, it looks like liberals may live to regret their decision to demand investigations into Russian ties…

As congressional investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election ramp up, so is the political division, raising questions about whether lawmakers’ work will be viewed as credible.

The dynamic underscored the escalating concerns about whether the Republican-led investigations will have the funding, focus and, perhaps most importantly, bipartisan buy-in to produce findings that are broadly accepted and definitive.

But as journalist Matt Palumbo points out, since when do Democrats care about the cost of anything if taxpayers are footing the bill? Or that an investigation be completely partisan?

No, Palumbo raises the possibility that “maybe they’re just worried a probe into Russia will reveal even more damaging information about them and the DNC.”

And now it looks like Senator Lindsey Graham is going to lead the charge into Russia—and who knows what he may find about the Democrats:

He points out that the Benghazi inquiry accidentally uncovered Hillary’s use of an illegal email server; maybe Democrats are worried that something even more damning will be revealed by an inquiry into Trump’s alleged Russian ties.

If liberals suddenly go quiet on this topic and turn their attention to another phoney scandal, remember that this could very well be the real reason why.

Source: Allen B. West

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