‘Women’s Strike’ Leads To SICK Unintended Consequence…Ladies Everywhere Are CONDEMNING It!

Ladies, did you know you were supposed to be “on strike”?

This will come as news to millions of women who don’t live inside the liberal bubble, but feminists declared that International Women’s Day will now be “A Day Without A Woman.”

Every female is being told not to go to work or go shopping to show that without women, the world will fall apart.

Now, there’s a lot wrong with this concept.

First of all, when some people took part in a similar “strike” last month called “A Day Without Hispanics,” they got fired from their jobs. (I guess their boss decided to stretch that one “day without Hispanics” longer than they might have wished.) The same could happen to women this time around.

Seriously: How many women can afford to abandon their employment responsibilities for one day, particularly for something so trivial?

Well, the kinds of women who have nothing better to do than come up with these stupid schemes, and don’t have to worry about getting fired because (ironically) these activists are just doing their jobs.

As Audrey Rabenberg writes:

This is a self-indulgent day for academics and professional women who are fortunate enough to hold positions requiring a relatively specific skill set and bear no real risk of harm from taking a day off. It assumes the privilege of being able to pause one’s work at will, and the privilege of being able to shuffle duties like child or elder care to someone else. It categorically demands more risk of women in lower-income brackets, in jobs requiring low-specificity skill sets, and without a support system. (…)

The organizers recognize this and write, “It is possible that some women may be fired, as there were about a dozen instances of firings over the Day Without Immigrants strike. Nothing comes without a sacrifice.”

Well, actually, if you are an academic with tenure, you can’t get fired for going on “strike” for one day, but the woman who empties out your classroom trash can could very well find herself out on the streets. Is that female professor going to go to bat for the fired cleaning lady? Or hand her a few thousand dollars to help her out? Of course not.

This is how stupid, out of touch and, worse, thoughtless these activists are.

These are the same people who whine about “privilege” without seeing the irony of taking a day off (without consequence) in the name of fighting “privilege.”

Audrey Rabenberg makes lots of other great points, such as criticizing the organizers’ assumption that a woman’s value depends on her work outside the home.

Yes, A Day Without a Woman is a stupid idea on multiple levels. (In fact, it’s so stupid that it actually undermines the very idea that females are just as smart as men.)

But then again, it was thought up by the same women who recently marched through Washington and cities across the world wearing pink “pussy” hats (or Muslim headscarves) and carrying incoherent anti-Trump signs.

So maybe that comes as no surprise.

Source: The Federalist

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