WOW: Here’s Are 7 Things Americans Are More Scared Of…Than ‘Global Warming’

Elections mean polls, and debates over their accuracy. A new survey that measures attitudes about issues rather than candidates is currently making news, and it reveals something liberals won’t want to hear.

For 20 years, they have spent billions of dollars (usually of taxpayers’ money) “raising awareness” about “global warming,” and “fighting” this exaggerated phenomenon. However, this new poll from Champman University indicates that most ordinary people just don’t consider that issue very important.

James Delingpole reports for Breitbart:

According to a poll conducted by Chapman University, 42 per cent of Americans are afraid of clowns, whereas only 32 per cent are afraid of climate change.

They’re also more scared of terrorist attacks (41 per cent), gun rights infringement (38 per cent), family members dying (38 per cent), economic collapse (37 per cent), Obamacare (36 per cent), and biological warfare (35 per cent). (…)

Essentially climate change has become a luxury problem which only liberals in rich countries can afford to worry about. For everyone else, there are many, many more pressing concerns…

It’s also interesting to see how many of these concerns line up with Donald Trump’s platform on national security, Obamacare and the Second Amendment.

Source: Breitbart

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