WOW: Huckabee Drops A MASSIVE Warning For America…Hillary Is FURIOUS Over This! [WATCH]

Former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, issued some words of warning to America about the upcoming election, saying it’s crucial for voters to keep one particular candidate out of the White House.

Hillary Clinton, of course – small surprise, for the two-time Republican candidate for president. But his reasons were chilling.

This, from Western Journalism, on what he said: “After a week of allegations from WikiLeaks about the Clinton campaign’s denigration of Catholics, its opposition to gun rights, and Clinton’s private embrace of open trade and open borders, Huckabee said the public needs to wake up and end its fixation with the parade of allegations besmirching Trump’s candidacy.”

He said Donald Trump was under fire from the Clinton camp, and the pro-Democrat media, and that voters ought not be fooled into believing much of what’s being put into the public by the press.

“We can’t verify a lot of these allegations,” Huckabee said, Western Journalism reported, “but let me tell you what we can verify: we can verify that if Hillary Clinton is elected, we have a real good shot at losing religious liberty, the Second Amendment, the Fourth and the Fifth, having open borders, leaving Israel to blow in the wind.”

He also decried the “very, very negative direction” this country would take under a Clinton presidency and said “our world” would become a “dangerous place” if she won, he said, on Fox News.

And here’s why.

“Two sets of rules will be applied to America. One for Hillary and her pals that they will always get off. And the rest of us will go to jail if we do what they’re doing,” he said, Western Journalism reported.

The Clinton camp would always win, he warned, because the machine would stop at nothing to destroy all political enemies.

“If they don’t find it,” Huckabee said, “they will fabricate it.”

The media’s part in all this? It’s been significant, Huckabee said.

“[Trump] is on to something in that the media is in an absolute frenzy to try to destroy the man. They sat on this stuff for years and they waited until just before the election release it,” he said, Western Journalism reported. “They hate his guts. This is not a ‘mild sort of, gee, we don’t really like him’ as we may have seen with other Republicans. They absolutely loathe Donald Trump.”

Source: Western Journalism

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