WOW: Islamic Group Drops AWESOME News For Americans…For Once, You Will Be CHEERING!

It’s a fact that our freedoms are frequently under attack. Even though we are guaranteed freedom of religion and freedom of speech, there are forces out there that mean to rob us of these inalienable rights.

Freedoms that are not defended will be taken from us, plain and simple. While we’ve enjoyed 200 years of free speech in the United States, there are forces in this very nation that would take it from us, and put us under the oppression of poisonous ideology.

Under the Obama administration, radical groups like Council on American-Islamic Relations–which is controlled by terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood–have been given virtual free reign to manipulate and control our way of life. Obama’s America has allowed radical Islam to flourish, giving rights to people who would take away every last freedom from the rest of us.

If we don’t fight back, terrible things will happen. So was the case with Alfredo Francesconi.

From Mad World News:

Alfredo Francesconi is the Roseville school board district vice president in Detroit and has dedicated his life to bettering the education system…

When Francesconi used his own personal Facebook profile to merely share truthful yet “offensive” comments about Muslims and their fundamentally violent ideology, the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations was there to attack. The Michigan chapter informed the school board of Francesconi’s personal beliefs, demanding that they force the elderly gentleman to resign immediately for blaspheming Islam, an offense punishable by death under Sharia…

WJBK reports that after CAIR insisted the school district fire Francesconi for insulting Islam, the board explained to them that “we believe in the First Amendment,” which protects our freedom to express our beliefs without fear of retaliation.

CAIR is a terrorist group, plain and simple. No peace-loving organization would want to strip the rights of an average American simply because of what he said on Facebook. And that’s what CAIR was trying to do. If Francesconi was fired for speaking his mind, it would mean he didn’t have freedom to speak. That’s what CAIR wants. It wants to destroy our Constitutional freedoms and replace them with their warped Sharia ways.

We must continue to resist the bully tactics of groups like CAIR and any other that would put their toxic agenda above American freedoms. Make no mistake, they will continue to fight until our Constitution is trampled underfoot.

But if we continue to defend our rights, they will be beaten every time.

Source: Mad World News

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