WOW: Media Drops AWESOME News About Michelle Obama…For once, Trump Is CHEERING!

Over the years we’ve watched how president Obama has removed American flags and Christian symbolism from the White House as his disdain for both has become glaringly obvious to all but the most blind, liberal snowflakes.

He even changed the color scheme that he used for the background in his White House speeches and public addresses that usually excoriated Americans for being so insensitive to the feelings of murderous, Jihadist terrorists!

Ramadan was, and still is, Obama’s favorite holiday and he loves showering attention on Muslims celebrating it in the first family residence.

In the latest “holiday party,” first lady Michelle Obama made quite an impression on the White House staff which left them in tears and everyone else speculating as to what the FLOTUS might have said that brought on such a reaction. But the awesome news is, this is the Michelle’s last holiday party in the White House!

From Mad World News:

 Michelle Obama just had her final holiday party, and reports are saying that she left her staff in tears. The liberal media is on high spin, trying to find out what Michelle did. You’ll love how the liberal loser media is freaking out as their beloved Michelle Obama gets bad reviews and leaves staffers crying when a typical Obama White House function goes wrong.

According to new accounts coming in, Michelle Obama left the White House staff in tears at the recent holiday party at the White House. When this news got out, the liberal media, Michelle-lovers every one of them, immediately thought the staff must be crying because the Obama’s are leaving.

Of course the liberal media wants to spin it as the staff are crying because Michelle said something touching, but knowing what we do about the Obama’s contempt for people of a lower class than themselves, it’s hard to imagine Michelle actually saying anything nice. We’re just glad she’s leaving!

Source: Mad World News







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