WOW – New Poll SHOCKS Dems…Trump Making YUGE Gains With 1 Group NO ONE Expected!

Donald Trump has got his mojo back!

After several days of bad polls, terrible coverage and much consternation by the Republican establishment, Trump has brought on a new team, refocused his message and shown new life in national polls.

He isn’t just gaining ground with traditional Republican voters either. The Democrats have been crowing about Trump being at 1% among African-Americans for weeks. Not so much any more!

A new LA Times poll has Trump making massive gains among blacks. In fact, his support among them is now at a historic high!

The Conservative Tribune has more…

As you can see, Trump’s share of the black vote has shot up to 14.6 percent. The Gateway Pundit pointed out that would be the highest share of black voters that the Republicans would have won since Bob Dole in 1996. Then, the Kansas senator got 12 percent of African-American voters.

Considering Hillary Clinton’s history with the black community, this shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, she was more than willing to demonize them when she was first lady, talking about “super-predators.” And it’s not like she’s that good on the one thing that matters most to the black community: jobs.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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