Wow: Obama Drops Insane Insult On Trump…But Donald Just Annihilated It!

There has been no end of complaining from the left ever since Donald Trump upset all their wishes to secure the White House.

Over the last month and a half, they have come up with all manner of excuses for the epic loss of not only the presidency, but Congress. They blamed the DNC for preventing Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination, convinced he could have won.

They blame the electoral college, believing had the race been decided by a popular vote, Donald Trump would not have won.

While these excuses sound good, they ignore basic facts and dabble in the unknown. Sure, the race would have been different with Bernie Sanders, but there’s no way to know if he would have won against Donald Trump. Had the election been decided by popular vote, the campaigns would have looked much different, thus producing different results.

Then there’s what President Obama said recently.

From HuffPo:

President Barack Obama may be convinced he could have bested Donald Trump in a race to the White House, but the president-elect says “no way!”

Trump took to Twitter Monday to shoot down Obama’s claim that he could have beaten the Republican candidate in a head-to-head race had the president not been prohibited by law from running for a third term…

Trump thinks not and claims the president had too much negative baggage for another win. “I say NO WAY,” Trump tweeted, adding: “jobs leaving, ISIS, OCare, etc.”

Besides, Trump tweeted: “The world was gloomy before I won — there was no hope.”

It seems now at the end of his time in office, President Obama is starting to speak his mind more openly. Perhaps a little bit of Donald is rubbing off on him.

But it’s quite a stretch to believe Obama would have won a third term and downright scary that he even suggests it.

Every president but one only ran for two terms, following in the precedent Washington set. They did not want to abuse the office and their power and decided to step down after serving at most eight years. For Obama to now be expressing a desire to run again flies in the face of that tradition and perhaps exposes a darker ambition of being president for life.

While there are people who would love to see a third Obama term, the odds were surely against him. After eight years he has little to show for his accomplishments, besides being the first black President. Chaos in the Middle East, increased terrorism and Obamacare are his lasting legacies.

He would have had a hard time convincing America to support him again. Donald Trump would have had the same advantage of being an outsider and convincing many voters that he was the real candidate of change.

We’ll never know for sure. But at least Obama and his fans have something to complain about for years to come.

Source: HuffPo

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