WOW: Obama’s $4.8 Million BOMBSHELL…Taxpayers Paid For It ALL!

Most of us feel like we’ve seen president Obama spend more time on the golf course than he has in his security meetings about such inconsequential things as National Security!

Of course, the ‘O’man deserves to have a little time off every now and then but this president has taken it as a personal challenge to see how much of our money he can spend doing it.

We all want to take vacations. At least anyone who needs some time away from the hustle and bustle of the workaday world and hasn’t had one in….forever.

Some of us, however, seem to like to abuse the privilege and take vacations that would make the kings of old blush with envy. Like, say….the Obamas!

Judicial Watch released the numbers on the Hawaiian vacation the Obama’s took in 2015 and you should sit down for this if you aren’t already.  Turns out it cost American taxpayers a whopping  $4,823,206.88. You have to see it to believe it!

As Judicial Watch reveals:

As president, you can’t just grab the wife and kids and skip out of town to some flea bag hotel, no.

There’s a helicopter involved:

Image Credit: Chris Kleponis/Getty Images

They hop onto Air Force One, which can cost up to $180,000 an hour to operate:

Image Credit: Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images

And then get in a cavalcade of black Suburbans:

Image Credit: Cory Lum-Pool/Getty Images

When they get there, the Obamas rent a home that can cost as much as $10,000 per night:


And since all of it is a “working vacation” the taxpayers foot the entire bill!

We’ve heard of picking up the tab but this is ridiculous!

President Obama and family have taken “public assistance” to a whole new level and I have the feeling the “Bloodsucker in Chief” plans to be on public assistance for a long time to come if he has anything to say about it!

Hopefully, Trump will be a lot more sensible than the leech we have in the White House now. At least he says he intends to renegotiate the contract with Boeing personally to get a better price for the planes., which we know he probably won’t use nearly as much as Obama!

Source: Independent Journal Review


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