WOW—Secretary Mattis Has A KILLER New Nickname! No Longer ‘Mad Dog,’ Now Trump Calls Him…

Husbands, don’t let your wives read this story! You might find an unexpected chore added to your “honey do” list from now on.

Meanwhile, feel free to envy Benny Johnson of the Independent Journal Review. He was in Washington, DC, earlier this week — the day of President Trump’s incredible address to a joint session of Congress, as a matter of fact.

About an hour before the speech was about to begin, Johnson was walking through the Capitol building when some U.S. military veterans asked him for help:

Would he take a photograph of them with the new Secretary of Defense, James “Mad Dog” Mattis?

Of course, Johnson was honored to help out. As Mattis graciously shook his hand, Johnson (being a journalist) couldn’t resist asking the General how he liked his new job. Secretary Mattis replied:

Oh, it’s so good to be back. (…) My staff view it as the highest honor and privilege, getting to work at the Pentagon every day.

I treat the people inside that building like my family.

When I go down to get my laundry in the basement, I factor in ten extra minutes every trip just so I can talk with people. Ya know, they see me coming down the hallway and want to ask something, they should be able to. We work just like a family.

That’s right: General James “Mad Dog” Mattis does his own laundry. See what I mean about not letting the lady in your life get wind of this? She might say that if “Mad Dog” can wash and fold his own skivvies, you can too.

It’s easy to imagine someone rising to the rank of general and turning into a demanding diva who looks down on those beneath him and expects to be catered to. By all accounts, Mattis doesn’t have that kind of attitude.

Johnson asked Mattis if it was true that he carries his own bags, which isn’t standard protocol. Usually that’s an aide’s job.

“Well, I have two hands, don’t I?” Mattis replied.

But this is the best part of the conversation. Johnson asked the Secretary if anyone at the Pentagon ever called him “Mad Dog.”

“You know, that is not my real call sign?” Mattis said. “That was something made up by the press. Some reporter, who needed a quick name for me. My real name is Chaos. ‘Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution.’ That is my real call sign and what my men used to call me. Anyone who has ever worked with me calls me Chaos. That’s the name I prefer.”

If this story doesn’t make your day, you may not be a real American.

Just be careful who you share it with…

Source: Independent Journal Review

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