Wow: The FBI Warrant For Clinton Emails Is Here…Even Hillary Is Stunned!

Since his election, Donald Trump has distanced himself from his campaign pledge to prosecute Hillary Clinton over her many crimes.

However, the Democrats haven’t forgotten about the FBI’s on again, off again investigation. They’re determined to bring it up, if only to claim that the whole thing was a waste of time that damaged Hillary’s chances of winning.

Zero Hedge reports:

Now, with the Electoral College vote done and no other options left, the angry, demoralized dems have turned their fury toward the FBI with allegations that the warrant issued for Anthony Weiner’s computer did not “give rise to probable cause” which must therefore imply some nefarious collusion between James Comey, Trump and Putin.

Per Bloomberg, attorney Randol Schoenberg sued for the warrant to be released and has since expressed that he is “appalled” by its contents which failed to present “probable cause.”

We assume Schoenberg simply missed the following two paragraphs which point out that FBI agents, without reviewing contents, happened upon “thousands of emails” sent to/from Huma Abedin using State Department email addresses around the same time they know that classified information was sent out over unclassified systems.

It’s sad to see the losers still trying to spin the media, and public opinion, their way.

There was a time when the word of someone like Schoenberg would have been taken at face value.

But today, we can all see the primary documents for ourselves and know the truth.

Source: Zero Hedge

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