WOW: This Is Donald’s Greatest Endorsement Yet…MASSIVE Game Changer!

It’s pretty telling when you look at the kind of people who endorse our candidates.

Hillary Clinton gets the support of rich, elite celebrities, the kind of people who call everyday Americans racists. She gets the support of super rich and corrupt businessmen like Buffett and Soros, men who want to shape America in their image.

Compare that with the kind of people who endorse Donald Trump.

From Independent Journal:

According to a NBC News poll, when it comes to support among veterans, Donald Trump is 19 points ahead of Hillary Clinton.

In fact, just eight days ago, 88 retired generals endorsed The Donald. On top of that, he has the support of celebrity veterans like Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

And the military support keeps rolling in for Trump. On Monday, fourteen Medal of Honor recipients endorsed him.

According to Fox News, the men include WWII, Korea, Vietnam veterans. These are literal American heroes, men who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms.

These are Americans who were on the front lines of some of the worst conflicts in history. They understand how wonderful and valuable our freedoms truly are. When you face the fires of combat and come out the other side, you tend to appreciate what really matters in life.

And you tend to reject anything that doesn’t matter.

So we need to listen when fourteen heroes endorse a candidate. Forget what the Hollywood flavor of the month says. Forget what a pop star says.

Listen to our heroes. They’ll tell you what’s up.

Source: Independent Journal

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