WOW: Trump Declares ‘BUILD THAT WALL’…So This European Country Just Did!

Donald Trump has been talking common sense from the moment he entered the political scene in 2015.

His signature policy from the beginning has been to build a wall to stop the bleeding on the Mexican border and get our immigration under control.  This levelheaded solution has earned Donald the loyalty of millions—and the bitter scorn of the left.

As Europe’s immigration crisis has worsened, threatening to destroy the culture and relative peace that has marked the continent for half a century, one country heard Donald’s simple, no-nonsense idea from “across the pond” and decided, political correctness be damned, their people are going to be safe and secure.

The Independent reports:

Norway is building a steel fence at its arctic border with Russia after an influx of thousands of refugees last year.

The new fence, which will be around 660 feet long and 11 feet high, will stretch from the Skorskog border point, sources in the Norwegian government told Reuters.

Construction of the fence is due to finish before winter frosts set in, making it harder to enter Norway through the forest.

Deputy Justice Minister Ove Vanebo defended the gate and fence, telling Reuters they were “responsible measures”.

Although around 23,000 people, mostly from Syria, applied for refugee status in Norway last year, the number of asylum seekers arriving plummeted by 95 per cent in the first third of 2016.

norway asylum fence

So while the media does its best to hide the danger Syrian refugees have posed to the Norwegian people, it is plainly clear that immigration has been a huge problem for Norway since the exodus of refugees into Europe.  While they have ignored the common-sense solution for months, they are finally implementing the one solution that will put an end to illegal immigration.  They should feel free to apply for asylum and go through the legal process to be admitted if they meet whatever security restrictions the government has outlined.  But a nation without borders will soon not be a nation, and America had better take heed.

Source: Independent

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