WOW: Trump Just SHATTERED Another Record…This Points To A MASSIVE Landslide!

Forget what the biased mainstream media is telling you: Donald Trump is owning this election. He is igniting millions of Americans, from all corners of the country, with excitement. People of all backgrounds, faiths, and races are flocking to the Trump banner, believing that this successful businessman and outsider can save America.

While the media wants you to focus on the few flaws the man has, most Americans aren’t buying it. The media neglects the mountains of evidence that condemns Hillary and her cronies as lying, corrupt criminals. But the American people aren’t buying that either.

Just a cursory look into the engagement of Trump supporters versus Hillary’s is proof enough. Trump packs out every rally with record numbers; he broke records in the primaries. Hillary and her buddies, on the other hand, can’t even bring in double digits. Democratic voting in the primaries was way below the norm.

People just aren’t with her.

An even better insight into this election is online engagement. Surely, if Hillary is winning, she’ll have record numbers of interactions on major platforms like Facebook.

Except… she’s not.

From USA Today:

Every week this month, Donald Trump has shattered his previous records for generating Facebook conversation, and last week users generated more than 307 million likes, comments, shares and posts about him. The prior week, Trump had 253 million Facebook interactions, and the week before that, he had 220 million, according to weekly data provided by Facebook.

By comparison, Hillary Clinton also hit her all-time high last week with 206 million interactions on Facebook. It was the first time she broke 200 million interactions.

More records Trump’s breaking. This, reported by an old guard media outlet like USA Today. Even they know that the future of news and reporting will be online, via modern platforms like Facebook.

As the bloated, rotting corpse of old news and media lumbers to its inevitable grave, rushed on by their own corrupt bias, new online platforms are taking over.

Donald Trump has successfully built support for his election by bypassing the traditional news and reaching out directly to the people. Using his website, Twitter, Facebook, and every major social network, he has been able to connect with voters in ways unthought of in the past.

While the MSM continues to try to undermine the Republican Party, propping up Crooked Hillary, they neglect to see the real fight is online, on platforms like Facebook.

They are unwilling and unable to make an impact on this playing field.  Their lies can’t stand for long, because there’s too much factual information online.

But don’t be surprised if they continue to lie. They will invent new polling systems to give Hillary and democrats an advantage. None of that matters, however; they’ve lost their relevance. The future belongs to the people and the people are online.

That’s what Trump understands and that’s why he’s winning.

Source: USA Today

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