WOW: Trump’s Goes Where Obama Won’t…This Will Make You CHEER!

President Obama can’t be bothered to acknowledge the terrorist attack at Ohio State University. After all, it doesn’t fit his narrative. The assailant used a knife and his car, not a gun; secondly, the terrorist was a Muslim Somali refugee, who wouldn’t have been in the country in the first place but for Democratic immigration policies.

On the other hand, president elect Donald Trump isn’t just commenting on this latest assault on American soil. He’s doing the one thing Obama won’t do, as Charlie Spiering reports for Breitbart:

On Thursday, Trump plans to meet with police officers and paramedics who responded to the attack, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

It is unclear whether President Barack Obama has spoken with the first responders or the victims of the attacks. Asked by Breitbart News whether the president had spoken with the police officer who stopped the attack, White House press Secretary Josh Earnest declined to confirm any calls.

Obama touted his record on fighting “extremism” during a speech in Florida on Tuesday, remarking that since he took office there had been no major terrorist attack on Americans.

The audience at that Florida speech was reportedly quiet when Obama made that bizarre claim. It’s almost as if he lives in a very different reality than the rest of us. His departure can’t come a moment too soon.

Credit: Breitbart

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