WOW: Trump’s Campaign Manager Dispels A VICIOUS Lie…The Media Are Left REELING! [WATCH]

Sometimes personnel changes during an election campaign can be a bad sign. You don’t want voters to think there is dissension in the ranks or that you can’t even choose the right staffers in the first place.

So predictably liberals were rubbing their hands with glee after just such a shake up in Team Trump. However, it looks like Trump’s new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, has everything under control.

Trump loves Twitter, and some pundits deemed his tweets about the fatal shooting of NBA star Dwyane Wade’s cousin “bigoted.” Conway reacted by telling a CBS reporter (watch her full response below):

“I know the media live on Twitter, but most Americans see what [Trump] does on a weekly basis, which is give policy position speeches.

“Do you see what Donald Trump is called by nearly everybody in Clinton world, including many of her supporters in the media, before he gets out of bed in the morning?”

“This man has been called everything in the book, insults routinely hurled at him, people think it’s funny. They put it on their Twitter feeds even though they are supposed to be objective journalists.”

Conway is right. Journalists really do spend a lot more time on Twitter — chatting and joking with each other — than they do talking to ordinary people in the real world, like the ones getting shot at in Chicago.

And then they all wonder among themselves why Trump is so much more popular than they are.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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