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WOW: Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Getting High Praise…From A Black Democrat!
By Cheryl Chumley|September 23, 2016

Donald Trump, Republican candidate for president, just won another major high-five for his recommendation to halt immigration from Muslim-dominated countries.

And this one comes from a Democrat, no less.

Aa Breitbart reports: A New York Chelsea neighborhood resident, concerned at the terrorist bombing that just rocked his neighborhood, cast aside his Democratic political principles to say Trump has the right idea when it comes to protecting this nation.

“Each and every day,” said the resident, Bernard, to Breitbart, “it’s getting more and more serious about these terrorist bombings. And I don’t want it to go that way, but to protect our citizens, it might have to be that way, temporarily.”

Trump has called for a ban on immigration from Muslim countries several times during his campaign, saying the protection of America comes first and that borders are porous places where terrorists could sneak.

Apparently, the terrorist hits on U.S. soil are starting to bother even Democrats to the point they’re rethinking the left-leaning mantra of diplomacy first, and Hillary Clinton suddenly isn’t looking so great as their White House candidate.

And if Bernard is representative of other Democrats, then those on the left are much more in tune with the realities of terrorism than the mainstream media lets on. For instance, Bernard told Breitbart, when asked if he was surprised the bombing suspect turned out to be Middle Eastern: “Oh no.”

He went on, the news outlet reported: “I knew it off the bat. People don’t want to hear the truth.”

This – even as others in his party, like Mayor Bill de Blasio, turn a blind eye to the realities of radical Islamism and pretend they have no idea who initiated the bombings.

Bernard also said, Breitbart reported: “I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump says. But only one thing I agree with him: If you’re not a citizen or if you’re a citizen from another country, screen them or send them back to their country, period.”

In typical Democratic fashion, though, Bernard added this: He’s still voting for Clinton come November.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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