WOW: You Won’t Believe Where He Went Now…Hillary Is FUMING MAD!

Although President-elect Trump’s march to the Whitehouse has been pock-marked with obstacles that many thought he couldn’t overcome, he still managed to pull off a victory against Hillary Clinton which, considering how the race was rigged and manipulated by the Democrats, seemed to be a miracle of divine intervention.

Whether by divine design or not, Trump’s road has been a rather bumpy one, to say the least, and campaigning isn’t quite over yet in some races where runoff elections are still in progress.

From Townhall:

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — Appearing jovial and relaxed, Donald Trump plunged back into election politics Friday, a full month after he won the presidency, thanking Michigan voters and prodding Louisiana Republicans to turn out for Saturday’s Senate runoff election.

Trump revealed a few more cabinet appointments:

Trump introduced Betsy DeVos, his choice for education secretary, who hails from West Michigan, and announced that Andrew Liveris, the chief executive of Dow Chemical, would lead a national manufacturing council. Liveris told the audience that Dow would soon bring a new research-and-development center to Michigan.

Then continued campaigning for other GOP candidates whose win would shore up Republican senatorial seats:

 Trump campaigned for Republican John Kennedy, the state treasurer who faces off Saturday against Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, a Democrat, for the seat of retiring Republican Sen. David Vitter. Neither won a majority in the November primary, leading to the runoff. Polls have shown Kennedy with a comfortable lead.

“We need John in Washington,” Trump said, speaking in front of a lectern that urged voters to “Geaux Vote. Vote GOP.” Trump said he needed Kennedy to help him enact his agenda.

Other appointments by Trump were:

The president-elect’s National Economic Council is to be led by Gary Cohn, president and chief operating officer of the Wall Street bank, which Trump repeatedly complained during the election campaign would control Hillary Clinton if she won.

But some positions, so far, have yet to be filled:

Major decisions remain for Trump, most importantly his choice for secretary of state. The deliberations have become a source of tension within his transition team, with chief of staff Reince Priebus said to be backing Mitt Romney while other advisers oppose the idea of selecting the 2012 GOP nominee, given his fierce criticism of Trump during the campaign.

Come January, Trump told the crowd in Michigan: “The American people will be in charge. Your voice, your desires, your hopes, your aspirations, you will never again fall on deaf ears.”

And we’re excited to be in charge again after 8 years of being shoved to the wayside while president Obama spends more time thinking about his legacy than he does America’s!

Source: Townhall


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